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 Must see Vidio New World Order




It seems that if you were to do this to your own kids you would have CPS knocking at your door.

Corporal Punishment In Schools: Does It Work? : NPR?

Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty | Army Chaplaincy?

Carolyn Hamlett a former Illuminati Member on Xtract


BOMBSHELL: SWAT Team Told to 'Stand Down' at Navy Yard Shooting


Video: Open Carry Activists Shocked To Encounter Constitutional Sheriff




About Me



My name is Paul and I have lots on my mind these days (Questions) So I thought maybe others may have the same things on their minds too.

So I would like to share some of my Question & Answers God shows me 

Question’s I have been asking Jesus Christ to answers for me and give me Wisdom.

To let me share it with everyone that maybe looking for the truth too.

I hope the things I will be showing you will wake you up to some important thing everyone needs to understand.

I feel we watch way too much TV ( It's just lies!) Let me ask you a question, If you have a friend that lies to you all the time, would or do you keep that person in your life? Well that’s what you do every night when you turn on that tv. (Think about it)

Come here and check out things you may want and need to know.

I will have lots of different type video here of question I had asked Jesus Christ about. I find myself going in different direction but it seems too always comes back to Christ our savior.

I hope you find my site in lighting. Im asking these question to Jesus Christ because I feel that his return is near. And I want to be ready for the new life that is coming soon.

Its Time To Wake Up People! I hope you Come back often

I hope you enjoy the site.

God Bless Us All!



People please don't let them chip you! It's not a good thing!

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Thank You Habsfan0206 from YouTube 

 I Had a Dream about this about 2 years ago its been on my mind and I have been asking for the answer.

Research for yourself check out more related videos and your Bible to get your answers,  ask Jesus Christ to tell you the truth.


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